Talk Strategy Live - Regular Zoom Get Together

We (Troy and Chris) want to have regular live Zoom calls to hear, ask, answer, argue, think about topics related to product strategy and delivery. If Troy is facilitating it will likely be about metrics and forecasting. If Chris is facilitating it will likely be about business and company development. Either way, YOU WILL be part of the show. Come along armed with your questions and although each call will have a topic, we typically have little respect for the linear narrative.

Talk Strategy 1: Give me your Strategy and I'll give you some OKRs and Leading Indicators

In this session I’ll take a company or product strategy and show you how I’d create OKRs and Leading Indicators (KPIs) that support that strategy. If we don’t get any suggestions, we’ll look at some historical and well know companies and see how we might have measured their declines (think Blockbuster, Blackberry, Microsoft Zune, WeWork (the old one), etc.).

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