About heyCASEy

heyCASEy.io is the latest project from Troy Magennis and Chris Hefley. Our software enables organizations to achieve strategic goals and outcomes faster and easier than ever before.  Strategy is Fiction until something gets done. Join the strategic revolution!


Chris and Troy starting working together over a decade ago. Chris had cofounded LeanKit (acquired by Planview) a SaaS work tracking tool, and Troy had some weird forecasting and process simulation technology looking for a commercial setting. We both had a desire to help companies better manage their planning and work. Little has changed. We reconnected in 2023 and decided there was more to do.

Companies still struggle in setting and communicating strategy, and the success of turning that strategy into reality is dismal. We think a fresh approach to strategy is needed, and heyCASEy.io is our newest contribution to solve that challenge.
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